Welcome to the Rosefinity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section!

If you have questions about our eternal roses, care or anything else, you will find answers here. If you need additional assistance, please contact our customer service team. We are ready to help.

What can you buy at the Rosefinity.pl store?

In the Rosefinity store you can buy the highest quality boxes of eternal roses. Our exclusive boxes of eternal roses are elegant and durable flower arrangements that retain their freshness and beauty for many months and even years.

Are Rosefinity flowers real?

Flowers in everlasting rose boxes are not real in the traditional sense. These are real roses, but they have undergone a special preservation process that preserves their freshness and beauty for a longer period of time, even for many months or years.

Do eternal roses require special care?

Eternal roses are easy to care for because they have been specially preserved and do not require watering or care. It is important to keep them out of direct sun and moisture and keep them at a moderate temperature. From time to time, they can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Are eternal roses watered?

No, eternal roses should not be watered. Contact with water can damage the preservation and shorten the life of your eternal roses, so it is important to avoid moisture and keep them in a dry environment.

Are eternal roses a good gift?

Eternal roses are a perfect gift that combines elegance and durability. They stay fresh for a long time, which makes them remind you of a special occasion. They are versatile, require no maintenance and can be customized to suit the recipient's taste, making them an ideal choice for many occasions.

How long do Eternal Roses last?

Eternal roses retain their fresh appearance for a long period of time, but their lifespan may depend on many factors, such as storage conditions and the quality of the preservation process. Generally speaking, eternal roses can last for many months or even 3 years.

Can I add personal wishes to the order?

We provide our customers with the option of adding a greeting card to their order. It is important to us that you can personalize your gifts.

Can I return or exchange roses?

Our returns and exchange policy may vary depending on circumstances. Please contact our customer service team with any questions regarding returns and exchanges.

What are the delivery options?

We offer two forms of delivery, depending on your preferences: by courier and to a parcel locker.